Proffieboard Kit (Single Button and RCP)


  1. Proffieboard v2.2 self install kit

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This kit is a ready to install proffieboard v2.2, battery, speaker, switch, rechargeport and ‘pixel connector. It also includes a ‘pixel blade.

Already assembled, this kit can be installed into most LGT VHC sabers to upgrade the electronics. Likewise, if you are building your own hilt, this kit can be made to fit many different hilt assemblies – though pay attention to the kit dimensions listed below.

The Proffieboard is  preloaded with many soundfonts (on the 16gb SD card) and different blade effects. These can be modified through programming. 

Please be aware that if you are buying this kit, it is expected that you have the technical skills to install it.

*25.4mm diameter. Switch is 14mm, recharge port is a 2.1mm barrel DC jack.


Please note these kits won’t fit AusSabers Armoury Sabers – if you need a kit to suit, please contact us before buying so we can arrange the correct configuration.


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