Everyone has to start somewhere in this wonderful hobby. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a beginners guide video series, located right here!

All of our sabers have the ability to change the LED/Blade colours on the fly. This means you can literally change your saber blade colour from the saber function button. Please refer to the instruction cards, or our instruction guide here to learn how!

All of our sabers have sound, and can be muted if required.

In addition, all of the sabers have MULTIPLE sound sets, or "soundfonts" - meaning that you can alter how the saber sounds. In the Proffieboard and XenoPixel based sabers, you can even add to the soundfonts built in.


Sound fonts are maybe best thought of as "sets" of sounds.

Each font has a unique ignition, hum, swing, clash and lockup sound.

So when you hear someone refer to a saber having 9 fonts, you have 9 unique sets, each with their own individual traits.


New to sabers? Check out our handy tips and info videos here!

Eco (no longer available as of August 2021) and EcoSwing are very similar to one another: Both have 9 sound fonts, both have colour changing LED modules in the hilt to select your blade colour. Both are rechargeable. Both respond to motion and clash.

The biggest difference is HOW they respond to motion. 

In the older Eco electronics, the saber will play a "swing" sound when you move the hilt. Regardless of whether you move it quickly or slowly, long or short, it will play the same sound.

In EcoSwing, the swing sound will vary depending on how you swing it. If you swing the saber sharp and short, it will play a short swing sound. Swing it in a long arc, it will make a long swing sound.

In short, EcoSwing is the far more accurate and authentic sounding version.

Eco and EcoSwing electronics both feature a "base lit LED" configuration; that meaning, the LED that lights the blade is located inside the hilt and shines up into a hollow blade, and diffused by the film on the  inner walls of the blade.


XenoPixel is a newly designed, entirely unique board from LGT (our wholesale partner).

The best way to think of these electronics is, imagine and EcoSwing install but with a 'pixel blade. That's essentially what it was designed to be. You've still got "smoothswing", colour changing, lots of fonts to choose from and all of those amazing things that we have in all of our sabers.

One key difference to EcosSwing is that you can add new fonts to Xeno - something you can't do with the EcoSwing setup. What's more, unlike Proffie where it's a much more complicated system, adding fonts is a matter of just putting them on the SD card and naming the files in the right way. There's a video here explaining how here


Proffie is an entirely different level.

Unlike Eco and EcoSwing, which come preconfigured and cannot be altered (beyond selecting one of the built in sound fonts or changing your blade colour), Proffieboards are fully customisable - so long as you have the programming knowledge to do it. The options are nearly limitless.

In addition, the proffieboard based sabers we sell are all 'pixel blade compatible which means the LEDs lighting the blade are inside the blade (in eco/ecoswing the blade is hollow and lit by a single LED inside the hilt)

All of our Proffieboard sabers (and Proffie kits and standalone Proffie boards) come with a heap of extra sound fonts and blade effects built in, but if that's not enough for you, you can alter those and add to them. Sound fonts can be found for purchase via various soundfont sellers, and there is a heap of support online for learning how to program a Proffieboard.

Be aware that programming a board is not for the feint-hearted, and we would strongly suggest starting on the open source Proffieboard groups on Facebook, as well as looking up Proffieboard videos on YouTube.

A standard grade blade is one with 2mm thick walls. These are the most common type we sell, and are well suited to swinging, spinning and moderately tough dueling.


Heavy grade blades have 3mm thick walls. These are VERY solid and can withstand a lot of force. They are also capable of inflicting serious damage if mishandled, and it is strongly recommended that you take care when using. Heavy grade blades do have slightly less light transference. 

Many of the hilts are duel worthy, but it pays to be aware of the differences between EcoSwing and Proffieboard based sabers.

Proffieboard is an incredibly advanced control system which can give you an amazingly accurate looking and sounding saber, but we do not suggest dueling with Proffieboard based sabers. Nor do we suggest dueling with XenoPixel installed sabers.

Why is that?

Simply, because we feel that these boards and the 'pixel blades are not suited to a heavy impact situation. There are more things that can break on them (256 LEDs in the blade creates a lot of potential points for impact breakage)

On the other hand, the EcoSwing (or older Eco) based sabers are generally much better suited to repeated and heavy impacts. The blades do not contain LEDs like the 'Pixel style blades do (the LED is inside the hilt), and the electronics are far simpler - although they do still make your saber look and sound awesome.

One final note on dueling.

DO NOT duel with thin neck sabers. EVER.

We really can't stress this enough. Thin neck sabers are not strong enough to take the impacts we see with heavy dueling. This can mean at best your saber can break, and at worst someone may get injured.

In addition, although the Incendius Steel version is tough as nails, it is not a dueling hilt. The thing weighs over 1.2kg empty. By the time you install electronics and a blade onto it, you're looking at well over 1.5kg of impact force being swung around. DO. NOT. DUEL. WITH. THE. STEEL. INCENDIUS.

Please see our link on SABER SAFETY here

Absolutely. We offer a full year warranty on electronic components - including those built into a saber, as well as PCBs, neopixel connectors, electronic kits and neopixel blades.


Please reach out to us if you have any issues or concerns about a product you've purchased from us. 


This depends on the hilt, but generally they are made almost entirely from aircraft grade aluminium.


We also have a steel hilt, our very own design - The Incendius Steel Edition. VERY heavy, and tough beyond words. If it's too heavy for you, we do have an aluminium version as well!


In addition, all of our sabers use polycarbonate for the blades. A wonderfully tough plastic compound, which is able to take a beating and diffuse light for that authentic blade effect.


Some small parts of our sabers are made from various other elements. 

We are based in Rosewood QLD, and stock all of our sabers and other products here. We do not drop ship from the factory.

The reason we do this, is so we can generally catch any potential quality control issues before they go out to you, our customers. We also make sure that the saber is packaged securely before sending it to you, and all of our products ship by Australia Post - insured and tracked.

Of course nothing is perfect, so we offer a one year warranty on electronic components with all of our sabers, just in case something fails.

Should something go wrong, simply message our Facebook page or email us at

We partner with LGT in China, who manufacture the majority of the products we sell.

In addition to their range of products, we are also working on our own unique models of saber, several of which have already been launched - the AusSabers Incendius, Wanderer, Apprentice V2, Trainflex, Electris and Republic. 

Recently, we have started to sell miscellaneous add ons and accessories for sabers from various other manufacturers.

We are proud to work closely with some other saber companies around the world - including Custom Darkwolf Sabers and VireSabers in the USA, and Argo Sabers in Canada.

We have also partnered with Ripper Blades in the USA, and have started to offer their unique products locally.

Finally, we are now also working with GreyScale Fonts in order to create a unique set of sounds for our own AusSabers hilt designs. These soundfonts will only be available preinstalled on our own unique saber models in Australia!

We do not make custom sabers or do saber conversions at this time.

AusSabers will be closed from Thursday June 30th, and reopening Monday July 4th. During this time we won't be monitoring email and messenger. All orders received over these days will be shipped by July 5th. Thank you for your patience!
AusSabers will be closed from Thursday June 30th, and reopening Monday July 4th. During this time we won't be monitoring email and messenger. All orders received over these days will be shipped by July 5th. Thank you for your patience!