True Knight

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The ultimate Knight saber – The True Knight! 

This hilt is one of the more comfortable hero styles, with very little “sticking out” from the main body of the grip. A machined black finished core is enshrouded by plated, shiny aluminium. The hilt feels solid, but still looks beautiful.

Features a built in covertec wheel.

All installed sabers come with a blade, charge cable/external battery charger, blade retention screws and spares, as well as instructions.

This saber isn’t rated for dueling in any installation option. 

Overall hilt length 300mm, diameter of grip parts 39-42mm


Have a closer look at the saber, with our product video here


1 review for True Knight

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Fantastic customer service, delivery times (considering covid) and of course, the saber itself! Been having a great time with it, and it’s now encouraging me to learn how to program for the proffie board. If I had anything to ‘warn’ anyone about this hilt, is that it is slimmer than I was expecting, but it might be to it’s advantage when wielding one handed, as it is a lengthy hilt (meant for two hands). Thanks once again to AusSabers!

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