The Forsaken

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A weapon that looks unfinished and unrefined, but still sleek and deadly. 

The most unique entry into the AusSabers Armoury – The Forsaken.


This is a hilt from another world. I tried to capture the feel of something ancient yet technologically advanced. Incomplete yet somehow refined; seemingly put together randomly, yet also by clinical design.


With geometric, jagged cutaways in the two shrouds that cover the upper and lower halves, enshrouding a bronzed gunmetal core. A thick “cog” for a neck really shows that this piece was wrenched from some kind of ancient machine, before being refashioned into the saber known as Forsaken. Available in either gold with a copper neck, or silver with a gold neck.


Check out a closer look at the saber on our video here


Saber hilt is 288mm long. Grip diameter 36mm, around a core approximately 33mm in diameter.

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5 reviews for The Forsaken

  1. Brenno (verified owner)

    This Saber is incredible!! the outter sleeve just looks great and well designed, fitted over the solid casing and a beautiful brass neck. The inner chassis has a new awesome design and installed quite efficiently inside this awesome saber. I ordered the gold xeno version in which I absolutley love. Well done Keir, you have outdone yourself on this one!!!!

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    Definitely worth the price. This thing is gorgeous. I got the Xeno silver one. Gold is a bit too flashy for my tastes. Hoping to buy another one eventually. Hopefully they’re still in stock by the time I can afford it.

    Excellent customer service as well. Kier was very patient with answering all my dumb questions lol

    Thank you

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    First of all absolutely amazing customer service.
    Went above and beyond answering all my questions.
    This saber is perfect, it has such a unique design and even with all the cut-outs not a sharp edge at all. Incredible workmanship.

  4. John (verified owner)

    This saber is absolutely awesome and the detail is out of this world feel great in your hand very well balanced thinking of getting a second one to make a staff

  5. Rhys H

    I love this saber!
    I have the gold Xeno3Pixel, and it is so damn beautiful.
    It is my second saber the first I got was from Ultrasabers 4 yrs ago, it had in hilt leds that required colour discs to change the colour, with sound effects. Wasn’t top of the market but was still expensive.

    In comparison with value for money the Forsaken with the xeno3 board is incomparable, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the ultrsaber in terms of features and customisability.

    The Forsaken feels so nice to hold, the hilt feels solid. Gold often feels too “showey” but the design and secondry under colours really make it an unique piece.

    The in blade Leds is so awesome, I’ll never go back to base lit. The pre packed sound fonts are just brilliant

    I’m still learning the controls. But I feel some of the gestured controls aren’t always as responsive as I’d like, (or im doing it wrong)

    I got a blade plug with my order and I wouldn’t recommend with this hilt as the plug has to sit quite far in the emitter to the cotact point that the retension screw doesn’t hold it in place.

    Very happy with my purchase, I’ve had no issues anywhere along the way and heavily considering getting another

  6. Keir

    Glad you like it Rhys. Best blade plug for this is a non pixel plug version (so Bullet, Jetstream etc) and secure high up in the hilt using the grub screw, just as you’d secure a blade.