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The AusSabers Incendius! Our first original hilt, and one of our most popular.


We have built this hilt in a couple of different variants.


Firstly, the regular Incendius – made from Aluminium. Sleek, comfortable to hold, and well balanced. The cream of dueling hilts in the AusSabers range. Note the long, simple grip – easy to etch, engrave or wrap with your choice of leather or other material. The emitter section with its vented heat exchanger styling has an industrial feel about it. Finally, the thinner neck section affords a wonderful grip point.

Available in black or silver, and in various electronic installation options.

Secondly, big Bertha herself – the Steel Edition Incendius. Made from surgical grade stainless steel, this one is not for the feint hearted. She weighs in at over 1.5kg installed, therefore we STRONGLY recommend not using this for dueling. 

Why did we make a steel hilt? Well, we do things differently at AusSabers for one, but mostly because unlike aluminium, steel can be heat treated and scorched (commonly referred to as “blueing”). This potentially opens up a whole new world of customization options, however we implore you to always be VERY careful if attempting to perform this type of mod (and ALWAYS remove the electronics before doing so!!!!)

Overall hilt length 333mm, diameter of grip parts between 33mm and 38mm



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