Ecoswing Kit v2

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The EcoSwing electronics (featured in most of our hilts) are the next step in the budget saber market. No longer do you have to spend lots of money to be able to get a realistic sounding saber that responds beautifully to motion and clash just like a real one would.


Each EcoSwing kit (or indeed saber with an EcoSwing kit built in) features an RGB LED module to be able to change the colour of the blade on the fly. No need to wonder what colour blade to choose at the checkout. You have all of them built in!


EcoSwing kits and sabers now also have 12 sound fonts built in. What are sound fonts? Think of them like “sets” of sounds. Each font has  unique ignition, hum, swing, clash and lockup sound. And these updated kits have 12 of those sets. Wanna play the villain? No problem! Changed your mind? Change your sound.


The new V2 also features a gesture control system to switch sound fonts, or ignite/retract the blade. This can be toggled on or off. In addition, you can toggle flash on clash on or off as well – great for people who like to do flow/spin/tricks with their sabers – never have phantom flashes going off during your routines again!


Your saber, your way.


25.4mm diameter, 190mm length. Switch is 14mm, recharge port is a 2.1mm barrel DC jack.


Please note this kit does not include a blade. For 1″ diameter blades, click here



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1 review for Ecoswing Kit v2

  1. Jake

    The sound fonts on this one are incredible! The swing is sensitive and accurate, works beautiful for softer and shorts swings as well as harder and longer swings! It’s just amazing! Highly recommend getting one of these if you can!

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