Trainflex Weathered



The Trainflex was inspired by many different hilts that we’ve all seen in movies, comics, games and other places. This one is a weathered version (there are 2 available – picked at random at point of sale as they are too similar to split the difference)


Grip bars are a common site on sabers, and this one features machined aluminium ones that are screwed in – solid and comfortable.

The decorative pattern around the switch section is reminiscent of machined industrial parts, and the two choke points allow this saber to be gripped differently for one or two hands, long or short blades.

Strong enough to duel with, but decorative enough to make a wonderful shelf ornament, the Trainflex is sure to scratch the “saber itch” without blowing the budget.

Overall hilt length 310mm, diameter of grip 38mm including grip bars, grip point diameter 30mm.

Have a closer look at the saber, with our product video here