The Slayer

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The Slayer. A variation of the Graflex style saber hilt we all know and love – this one takes cues from a darker time in this saber’s history. Used to defend the Republic, as well as commit terrible acts of slaughter…

Unlike the Chosen range of hilts (the other Graflex style we carry), The Slayer is a much slimmer style, with the control box sitting further back in the grip.

Furthermore, the bunny ears are a solid piece rather than the traditional clamping section you might find in a flash body saber.

Finally, the blade too is thinner – 7/8″. This is a more “screen accurate” style of blade, and makes the whole assembly much lighter in weight.

All installed sabers come with a USB charge cable OR external battery charger, blade retention screws and spares, as well as instructions.


Take a closer look at the saber at our video here

This saber isn’t rated for dueling in any installation option.


Overall hilt length 280mm, diameter 35-50mm (grip bars) not including control box segment

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6 reviews for The Slayer

  1. Aidan (verified owner)

    I received the “Slayer” lightsaber a couple days ago and it is an amazing purchase, I’ve hardly put it down since I got it.

    First of all, the “Slayer” lightsaber hilt looks stunning! I got a lightsaber stand to display it and it’s awesome to look at. The polished hilt looks really neat and this being the ‘Skinnyflex’ hilt, it looks the most realistic in comparison to the on screen props i.e. is narrower in width compared to other hilts.

    Secondly, I got the “Slayer” with the ‘Xenopixel’ configuration and it is amazing! The pre-loaded customisation options are insane. There’s a ton of different fonts to choose from as well as various colours, blade styles and ignition types. The different gesture controls are more responsive than a ‘Proffie’ and are really fun to play around with like stab ignition & swing ignition.

    P.s. if you’re new to lightsabers or are looking to get your first, I highly recommend a ‘Xenopixel’ lightsaber that has a ton of pre-loaded customisation options rather than a ‘Proffie’ lightsaber that requires you to code it in.

    As always, the shipping & tracking is hassle free and is packaged really well. The lightsaber comes with an allen wrench, spare allen screws, instructions, charger and a micro usb card reader.

    Thank you to AusSabers for another amazing shopping experience! I will continue to purchase from here to add to my recently started collection.

  2. Josh brock (verified owner)

    Amazing Lightsaber!! The most screen accurate I’ve ever seen looks and sounds so good can’t recommend highly enough thank you so much!

  3. Orlando Mastroianni (verified owner)

    saber is amazing quality, the owner answers my questions that i do have about which has helped so much because this is my first saber, i would buy the xeno version instead for a first time buyer but ya know its the slayer I had to get the proffie version

  4. Max Gleeson

    I will definitely be getting the slayer Saber! From the reviews it seems this Saber is a beauty! Will be buying soon

  5. Keir

    Hi Max,

    It truly is a wonderful saber. I’m sure you’ll absolutely love it!


  6. Brenno (verified owner)

    Considering it cost me an arm and a leg( ha ha bad joke) this saber is what it says it is and soooooo much more!!! It is sooooo screen accurate, it feels great in the hand, it sounds amazing and is of fantastic quality… as usual, Kier is awesome to deal with, wastes no time to ship and always there to answer all questions… Very satisfied in deed..

  7. Brad (verified owner)

    I received the Slayer yesterday and instantly fell in love with it. For my first Proffie saber I will defiantly be getting more.