Ripper Black Onyx DarkSaber Clone


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We are very pleased to now be partnered with RipperBlades!


This Back Onyx DarkSaber Clone Upgrade blade is made in the USA, and is a wonderful complement to our Ancient One Saber. In fact, Ripper has even made these with blade stems fit that saber perfectly. 

This newer, upgraded version is slightly more solid than the older version, though it does not have any “crackle” marks in the black core of the blade.

Blade options are 24″, 27″ or 29″ long and these are compatible with any saber with a 1″ diameter emitter and in hilt LED (not ‘pixel compatible!). The blade stem is designed to work perfectly with the Ancient One hilt we sell, and is angled to match that emitter. Please keep this in mind if you are planning on using this blade with a different hilt.


If you want to spin or flow with your blade, we strongly suggest the 24″ instead of the 29″. Although the 29″ looks more screen authentic, the extra weight may make them a bit more awkward for tricks!


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Blade Length

24", 27", 29"


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