Master Saber

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From: $550.00

A true classic in the world of sabers – The Master

This stunner is probably the most instantly recognizable hilt in the range. With the wide, flaring emitter, the golden coloured thin neck, ridged grip sections and a functional control box – this saber looks, feels and SOUNDS the part.

It is strongly recommended to choose a shorter length blade with this one, as the emitter is rather shallow.

All installed sabers come with a blade, charge cable/external battery charger, blade retention screws and spares, as well as instructions.

This saber isn’t rated for dueling in any installation option. 

Overall hilt length 290mm, diameter of grip 35-42mm. Control box projects 12mm from main body of hilt


Have a closer look at the saber, with our product video here

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5 reviews for Master Saber

  1. Grace Shorrock (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! Came so quickly, amazing design, overall a wonderful experience. It’s also the coolest thing I own by far!

  2. Evan M (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and design, really happy with it. The best possible customer service, always there to answer questions and help out.

  3. Marcus

    This thing is brilliant. Got it with the Golden Harvest V3 and really appreciate being able to customise everything without plugging into a computer. Takes a bit to get your head around using a sound-based user interface, but it’s actually quite intuitive. The SaberTec quick user guide is a must read if you pick the Golden Harvest V3. I swapped out the control box card to match the episode 3 version and it looks great, I’m glad AusSabers provided this accessory so I didn’t have to worry about compatibility. I would’ve liked longer emitter parts to more closely match the original design, but it still looks great, most people honestly won’t notice. It’s bright, sounds good, great build quality, can’t ask for much more.

  4. Brendan Davine (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful hilt, mine came with a Proffie board and arrived within 3 days of ordering. Customer service is beyond top notch, can’t possibly give any more compliments. My ONLY complaint is the visible glue / residue under the bubble sliding switch cover, but I replaced that with the alternative anyway (Which I didn’t know it would come with! Pleasant surprise!). Otherwise, you’ll not find a better saber purchase anywhere in Aus. 5 stars.

  5. Keir

    Thanks Brendan. I’m stoked you got the Master saber and I am sure you’ll love it for many years to come.

    Regarding the visible double sided tape under the bubble card, I’ve been experimenting with cutting a very thin sheet of metallic silver paper down to size and putting it underneath the bubble card. Just bear in mind it has to be very thin otherwise it’ll make the card push against the plunger when you don’t want it to.

  6. John Irvine (verified owner)

    Alway been a fan of Obi Wan since New Hope so when my saber arrived I was totally blown away by it’s looks and feels the part too
    Once again got to give a shout out to Keir and his customer service and support a true legend
    10/10 again guys