AusVire Thin Neck

From: $45.00

Introducing the latest in our collaborative series with Vire Sabers – The AusVire Thin Neck Module!


This piece represents a 6 month development process, and has allowed us to finally fill the niche in LGT/VHC saber parts that have never previously allowed for a modular, swappable thin neck.


Designed to fit between most LGT/VHC emitter and switch pieces, one end is threaded male, and the other female (to match up with and emitter and switch piece). Choose from four “end” colours (anodized black, silver or gunmetal, as well as polished raw aluminium) and two “neck” colours (gold or copper).


Can be bought as a standalone module for the avid kitbasher/saber designer, or with a prewired electronics kit – which will take away the need for you to modify your existing electronics kits.


Please note that the thin neck module WILL NOT FIT standard electronic kits. You will either need to modify your existing install, or purchase the appropriate kit from us at the time you purchase the neck piece.

If you are unsure of compatibility of this piece with your saber, please get in contact with us before buying – email us at with pictures of your saber so we can assist!

Thin necks are NOT suitable for duelling.


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