The Republic

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The Republic – the seventh original hilt design from AusSabers!

The Republic evokes imagery of a different time, an older time, when sabers were more elegant and sleek.

The polished aluminium core of the grip is surrounded by golden shrouds and rings, and it gleams like a treasure… giving a sense of just how important this saber was to its owner.

The shroud is made of several parts, and allows the light from the blade create an eerie glow through the gaps above the body of the emitter.

The thumbscrews at the emitter, and the button head screws located at the lower ends of the grip and the emitter, remind us that this was built a functional tool and not just a decorative art piece.

To top things off, we have worked with GreyScale Fonts to make a truly unique sounding soundfont for the Republic. This soundfont is ONLY available on the installed versions of The AusSabers Republic when purchased from us directly, and will not be made available outside of Australia!

All installed sabers come with a blade, charge cable/external battery charger, blade retention screws and spares, as well as instructions.

This saber isn’t rated for dueling in any installation option. Please note board access is challenging with this hilt due to the way it has to be engineered. Have a closer look at the Republic with our video here 


Length of hilt overall is 335mm. Grip is 32mm – 36mm in diameter.

Silver parts of this hilt are made of polished (uncoated) aluminium – therefore some very small scratches may be present on these parts from the manufacturing process.


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  1. Simon Spencer (verified owner)

    The Republic by the team at AusSabers is a wonderful saber. The design of the saber has a fantastically Old Republic era look and feel to it that is sure to scratch any itch for fans of games such as Knights of the Old Republic (or people just looking for a fancy saber hilt). Along with how well designed the hilt itself is, thanks to videos made by the team at AusSabers, disassembly of the hilt and updating of firmware for the Xenopixel installation is very easy.

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