Smuggler’s Outpost 24mm Speaker


The latest in international relations has borne fruit! The Smugglers Outpost speakers are renowned as being some of the best you can get, and in a 24mm diameter these pump out a VERY clear, crisp sound indeed!

These will fit most saber cores we currently sell, but be aware that if you have a USB C charge port next to the speaker in your core, these speakers are slightly too big and you’ll need to adjust the chassis to fit.

We don’t offer an install service for these just yet, so please only purchase if you are competent in soldering these yourself. Damage caused by improper installation is not a warrantable fault.

Does not come prewired.

Diameter 24mm, height 11.4mm


Anything else you’d like to see us stock from Smuggler’s? Check em out here and let us know!

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