Invictus V2

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The Invictus V2 – the latest in original, exclusive hilts from AusSabers.

Loosely inspired by the original Invictus, this hilt has been made to be simple, yet tough. Stylish, yet comfortable.

The saber disassembles into four simple parts – the pommel, grip, switch and emitter.

The emitter section features some shine through holes around the outside, all flanked by raised rings, giving the saber a slightly more industrial feel. Two holes for blade retention screws will ensure your blade is held tightly.

Underneath this, is a slimmer grip segment.

Further down, the groove flanked switch segment is comfortable and smooth to hold.

The grip below it is simple – a prerequisite for duelling and flow hilts.

Finally, the pommel matches the holes in the emitter segment to complete the look.

Available in 4 different finishes – silver, black or gunmetal anodized, or polished aluminium.

If you’re looking for a finished, ready to go saber, the anodized options have you covered.

If you like to modify your hilt, a raw aluminium option is a fantastic base for painting, powdercoating, chemically weathering or anything you can think of! If you want a shinier finish, you can polish the raw aluminium to achieve this – though it will never be as shiny as the plating you see in some of our other hilts.

Bear in mind that the polished aluminium version may have small scratches due to the relative softness of the alloy, and it will scratch much easier than the tougher, anodized finish.

All installed sabers come with a blade, charge cable/external battery charger, blade retention screws and spares, as well as instructions.

Take a closer look at this saber at our video here


Length of hilt overall is 270mm. Grip is 33mm in diameter, with the slimmer grip point under the emitter at 28mm diameter.

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10 reviews for Invictus V2

  1. Jake (verified owner)

    This is my first AusSabers original, and man does it not disappoint!
    The feel of this saber is just incredible, feels nice to just flow with and feels just right when in combat! The look of this saber in the flesh is so much better than any of the pictures show off
    10/10 would recommend this saber!

  2. Naithan (verified owner)

    Absolutley love this saber and feels so good in the hand am having lots of fun playing around with it and testing the different sounds and figuring out hot it works <3 thanks aus sabers

  3. James Quach (verified owner)

    The invictus v2 is such a comfy and nifty saber for tricks that i bought a second one.

    Really light for fast spinning saber tricks.

  4. William Ramirez (verified owner)

    I bought this one a while ago but I can say with confidence it was worth every buck! I am absolutely in love with this and find it a great first saber. As well as the customer service was phenomenal!

  5. Rose

    second time buying from aussabers and so far they have been great, standard blade is so strong considering the beating it’s taken over the past year

  6. Francis (verified owner)

    This was the first ever saber I’ve gotten and it is so good, it’s so well balanced and incredibly fun to spin and play with, the hilt is so customisable, best first saber I could’ve asked for!

  7. Az Lyon (verified owner)

    Was the first AusSaber I bought, bought three others since, but the Invictus is still a favourite dueller.

  8. Meg

    Beautiful in its simplicity, lovely to have in the hand, feels well balanced, not too heavy not too light. And even with the RGB core, lots of flexibility with colour, sounds etc. Thank you Keir/AusSabers, truly an excellent product for the price

  9. Anthony (verified owner)

    Just got this its my first aussabers saber and it feels amazing, sound quality is incredible and swings beautifully

  10. Tye (verified owner)

    Haven’t had a lightsaber since a kid in the early 2000s, with the simple light-up Hasbro sabers that you can find at K-mart and Big W, and must say that this does not disappoint!

    I was expecting this to be a quality product, yet was still blown away with how bright the Xeno3 RGB is! Was torn between saving for a Neopixel blade, but this turned out to be perfect for my needs, as well as my more limited budget.

    The soundboard is very loud! I had to turn the lightsaber off when talking to people, due to the volume being loud, which is a good thing! The quality of the sounds produced are awesome and accurate to Star Wars.

    If you’re looking for a quality saber on a budget and don’t want to pay high shipping fees, this is a 110% recommendation!