Invictus V2 Heavily Weathered



The Invictus V2 – the latest in original, exclusive hilts from AusSabers.

This one off piece was made from a failed prototype colouring attempt – stripped back chemically and refinished using a combination of oxidizing, rust paint and an orange wash to create a saber that looks like it’s been left in a swamp for years.

Loosely inspired by the original Invictus, this hilt has been made to be simple, yet tough. Stylish, yet comfortable.

The saber disassembles into four simple parts – the pommel, grip, switch and emitter.

The emitter section features some shine through holes around the outside, all flanked by raised rings, giving the saber a slightly more industrial feel. Two holes for blade retention screws will ensure your blade is held tightly.

Underneath this, is a slimmer grip segment.

Further down, the groove flanked switch segment is comfortable and smooth to hold.

The grip below it is simple – a prerequisite for duelling and flow hilts.

Finally, the pommel matches the holes in the emitter segment to complete the look.

Please note that due to the painted finish, this saber is not recommended for frequent and or rough handling. The paint will wear off despite our best attempts to coat it and seal it – be warned!

All installed sabers come with a blade, charge cable/external battery charger, blade retention screws and spares, as well as instructions.

Take a closer look at this saber at our video here

Length of hilt overall is 270mm. Grip is 33mm in diameter, with the slimmer grip point under the emitter at 28mm diameter.