Forsaken Heavily Weathered



A weapon that looks unfinished and unrefined, but still sleek and deadly.  The most unique entry into the AusSabers Armoury – The Forsaken.

This one off piece was made from a failed prototype colouring attempt – stripped back chemically and refinished using a combination of oxidizing, rust paint and an orange wash to create a saber that looks like it’s been left in a swamp for years.

This is a hilt from another world. I tried to capture the feel of something ancient yet technologically advanced. Incomplete yet somehow refined; seemingly put together randomly, yet also by clinical design.

With geometric, jagged cutaways in the two shrouds that cover the upper and lower halves, enshrouding a bronzed gunmetal core. A thick “cog” for a neck really shows that this piece was wrenched from some kind of ancient machine, before being refashioned into the saber known as Forsaken. Available in either gold with a copper neck, or silver with a gold neck.

Check out a closer look at the saber on our video here

Please note that due to the painted finish, this saber is not recommended for frequent and or rough handling. The paint will wear off despite our best attempts to coat it and seal it – be warned!

Saber hilt is 288mm long. Grip diameter 36mm, around a core approximately 33mm in diameter.