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The third original hilt from the design studios of AusSabers (literally just Keir staying up till 3am doing 3d designs but “studios” sounds a lot more professional)

The Electris is our first ever thin-neck design (sorry guys, definitely not a dueling hilt!). It takes inspiration from many of the most famous sabers we’ve all come to know over the years, and is one of our smaller hilts to date.

From the vari-angled emitter, to the brass coloured thumbscrew at the back of it and the black, gently finned segment above the chunky emitter, Electris is a refined, almost fancy design of hilt.

The control box doubles as a switch (simply push on the control box card to activate the plunger underneath). To access the recharge port hole, simply slide the card out of the control box.

Due to the thin neck, this saber isn’t rated for dueling. It is recommended to choose a shorter blade length with this as the hilt is quite a lot smaller than most.

This hilt is EMPTY and contains NO ELECTRONICS, nor does it include a blade!

Overall hilt length 295mm, diameter of grip parts between 30mm and 35mm not including control box. Inside diameter 1 inch, except for neck piece which is around 7mm.

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