Chosen Saber

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This iconic hilt is made of aircraft grade aluminium, and features a proffieboard built in. Comes with a heavy grade ‘pixel blade of your choice in length (32″ or 36″ in stock – other sizes available on request)


The proffieboard built in is  preloaded with many soundfonts (on the 16gb SD card) and different blade effects. These can be modified through programming.


Includes hilt with electronics installed, charger and ‘pixel blade.

3 reviews for Chosen Saber

  1. Liam Swainson (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this saber! The smoothswing is a thing of beauty! The neopixel blade is fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with this! As my first neopixel saber, I’ve gotta say I have absolutely no regrets!

  2. Marcus (verified owner)

    YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE literally perfect sounds amazing and weight feels good in hand don’t underestimate it’s power!

  3. Zak (verified owner)

    A very good replica of the Saber everyone knows. Nice feel, good weight. Shipping was fast and customer service is second to none!

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