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The Builder – a familiar looking saber indeed, though I seem to remember it was a lot smaller when I was a child….

A throwback to a childhood that consisted of hours of building with blocks, The Builder is probably one of the most fun designs we’ve had in our shop – and I know some of you smiled nostalgically when you saw it, just as I did the first time!

Despite it’s apparent simplicity, it’s a very solid unit consisting of an emitter, grip and pommel segment – all able to be disassembled to access the internals.

When considering the Builder in polished aluminium, please be aware that some scratches may be present on the hilt – though these can usually be polished out with very little effort. It is now also available in a black anodized finish as well!

All installed sabers come with a blade, charge cable/external battery charger, blade retention screws and spares, as well as instructions.

This saber isn’t rated for dueling in any installation option.


Take a closer look at the hilt on our video here


Length of hilt overall is 232mm. Grip is 31mm – 36mm in diameter. The larger emitter and pommel ends max out at 55mm diameter.



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