AusVire Modular Control Box


AusSabers is proud to present the first ever LGT/VHC compatible modular control box.

This product has been a joint design venture between AusSabers and Vire Sabers in the USA. We identified some time ago that customization of VHC (variable hilt component) sabers is an ever growing market, and that a control box option was needed.

The control box was designed to suit most VHC sabers with the traditional LGT button and charge port layout (see pictures attached), and is functional as well as decorative. The box is made of machined aluminium – no 3d printed parts here!

The control card pushes on our newly designed adjustable plunger switch in the box, which in turn actuates the button in the hilt. The card slides off to reveal a rechargeport hole, suitable for either the regular 2.1mm round jack or the newer USB C version. If the plunger doesn’t quite reach the switch in your hilt, just adjust the grub screw in the plunger until it just touches the button. Pushed in too far? Just back the grub screw off a turn or two!


See the control box up in action, and learn how to install it here



-This product fits MOST VHC/LGT style sabers but it will not fit all of them.

-Saber must have the traditional switch, rechargeport AND the two screw holes either side of them to hold the box on. Some of the newer models DO NOT HAVE THESE SCREW HOLES!

-Not compatible with TXQ/YDD/MHS/US/SF parts

-If in doubt, please contact us before purchase so we can check with you if it will work!!!


Box is 44.5mm long, 19mm wide, 12mm tall – screw holes are 35mm apart centre to  centre. See diagram attached for hole placement.

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