Apprentice V2 Weathered



The fourth original hilt from AusSabers – The Apprentice V2. This is a one off, weathered version of the saber – stripped back to bare metal, oxidized and finished with clear coat.

The Apprentice V2 has been built as our “standard issue” saber, and has replaced the stock LGT Apprentice that we used to range from 2018 until 2020. The slotted grip, angled shroud and ringed emitter make this one of the most “iconic saber” designs we’ve done to date. The thumb screws are decorative and functional: they hold the emitter shroud in place.

It is comfortable, sleek, and solid enough to duel with in the Xeno3RGB version. If you want something even tougher, look at our Incendius!).

Unlike other hilts we’ve made before, this one comes in several different colour combinations. You can buy more than one to mix and match different parts to make your own colour combo too! All options are now plated finishes rather than the frosted anodized in the 2021 version.

The pommel piece for this doubles as a connector should you wish to join two of these together to make a staff.

Overall hilt length 310mm, diameter of grip 36mm, shroud diameter 35mm.

Have a closer look at the saber, with our product video here