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The fourth original hilt from AusSabers – The Apprentice V2

The Apprentice V2 has been built as our “standard issue” saber, and has replaced the stock LGT Apprentice that we used to range from 2018 until 2020. It is comfortable, sleek, and solid enough to spar or spin with.

This hilt comes in many colour options (check the pictures when you select the colour in the drop down)

We’ve even added a “Special Edition” version, which has a plated sleeve and grip section instead of the regular anodizing. Please note that this version is $25 more due to the higher cost of plating the parts.

The pommel piece for this is the same one as Invictus, and doubles as a connector should you wish to join two of these together to make a staff.

This hilt is EMPTY and contains NO ELECTRONICS, nor does it include a blade!

Overall hilt length 310mm, diameter of grip 36mm, shroud 35mm. Inside diameter 1 inch.

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Black/Red, Black/Silver, Gold/Silver, Silver/Black, Silver/Gold, Special Edition – Plated Silver/Black


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