It all began in 2016.

Good friends Keir and Patrick were driving back from town in an old, beat-up white van.


Did the aircon work? Not really. Did the boot open? No. Did the... well look, you get the point...


Patrick had recently ordered a heap of sabers from the USA. They were expensive. The shipping cost was obscene, and the time to get here was very, very long.


And they were, quite frankly, underwhelming. We felt like there simply had to be a better way.


We also figured that we weren't the only ones who felt that the saber hobby was virtually out of reach for the average Aussie. We weren't sure how we would do it then, but we made ourselves a promise - in a dodgy white van with no aircon:


"We will do better than this, and we will be better than this. We will make this hobby accessible to all in Australia"


We partnered with a manufacturer in China, and the rest is history.


Fast forward to today, and we've sold hundreds of sabers to hundreds of very appreciative locals.  Not content with just reselling OEM products from a factory, we've started developing our own unique models. We've partnered with other saber companies around the world in our quest to "do better and be better". We're very proud to say that we work closely with Custom Darkwolf Sabers, Vire Sabers and Ripper Blades.


We've lost count of the amount of times we've been told "I'm so glad I've found a local saber seller".


And when they say local, they mean local. We are based in Rosewood QLD. We don't drop ship. We have sabers in stock, in QLD, ready to go right now.


And with two unique models already produced, with more on the way...


I'd say we're just getting started...